Your car rental contract is covered by our "rental conditions" in a separate document which can be viewed here.
Legal notices and privacy statement are available here.

This document describes the online reservation process and conditions.

1. The online reservation process
a) You choose a car, enter your reservation dates and select office or airport pickup.
b) A confirmation is displayed with the total rental price and pricing details.
- on the same page you then complete the reservation details and view/confirm the rental conditions
c) Provided you accept the offer, the rental conditions and payment of a 30% deposit, clicking on a credit card image transfers you to a secure payment site.
d) After making the payment we display a confirmation page with the reservation details and confirmation that the 30% deposit has been paid.
e) At that time you can optionally add additional information (driving licence/permit numbers) and/or special requests to the reservation.
f) You then receive an email from Discount Car Rental confirming the reservation details and payment of the 30% deposit.

2. Reservation restrictions
a) You need to reserve the car a minimum of 12 hours in advance.
b) You can reserve a car a maximum of 18 months in advance.
c) The minimum reservation period is one day.
d) There is currently no maximum reservation period.

3. Prices
The total price of the reservation which we display includes the following:
a) The local government tax (TGCA).
b) Unlimited mileage.
c) Full insurance cover as described in the rental conditions.
d) Free airport pickup/drop-off (which is automatically displayed and included when the reservation exceeds the minimum period).
e) Additional drivers and options such as baby/child seat are not charged for (subject to availability).
Airport pickup excess baggage surcharge: this only applies if the number of passengers and their baggage do not fit in the car you rent. In that case an additional car will be used during airport pickup (and drop-off if required) and a €/$25 surcharge applies to each trip.

4. Payments
The credit card holder is the renter and should be the principal driver who signs the rental contract when he picks up the car. Payment of the the 30% deposit is made online by any credit card accepted by the secure payment gateway, however when the renter picks up the car he should present a Visa, Mastercard or Carte Bleue credit card in his name for payment of the balance. If no accepted credit card is available the balance due may be paid in cash.

5. Modification or cancellation of a reservation
a) Modification: you can modify your reservation at least 24 hours in advance of the current reservation pickup time at no charge subject to car availability. Contact the office either by phone at least 24 hours in advance or using the contact page at least 36 hours in advance. The office will check availability and confirm any modification including price changes if applicable.
b) Cancellation: in event of cancellation for whatever reason the 30% deposit is non refundable.

6. Reservations are guaranteed
Discount Car Rental guarantees your online reservation. If the reserved car is not available when you arrive a free upgrade to the next higher model is offered.

7. Airport delays
Airport pickup which has been booked online is guaranteed during normal office hours. If the plane is late or arrives outside normal office hours you may need to phone the office number (supplied on the contact page) to request pickup, which generally arrives 15 minutes later.

8. Failure to pick up the car (no-show)
Other than delays due to late flight arrivals, if you do not contact the office in advance and do not show-up to pickup your car, then after a 2 hour grace period your reservation is cancelled and the deposit is lost. This condition does not apply if your flight is late.

9. Force Majeure
Neither party will be held responsible for failure to fulfill their obligations in event of "Force Majeure", (an extraordinary unforeseeable event) as defined by French law, in which case the provisions of the French legal system apply.

10. Applicable Law
The contract is governed by the laws of France and the courts of Guadeloupe are the competent courts.