KIA Picanto

Visiting the island...

Discover Marigot's local market in a thousand colors. With senses wide open appreciate the traditions and spices of créole cooking and the "lolo" outdoor bbq restaurants of Marigot and Grand Case. Gourmet restaurants also abound, the « french touch » is there and your table is waiting...

Ready for new adventures? Nature has provided multi-colored scenes, vivid red flame trees, orange and yellow plants and flowers in a rich tropical background. Follow the hiking trails through vales and hills finishing at Pic Paradis with a spectacular view of the island. Visit Oyster Pond which has kept its natural look.

See the wonderful rainbows which occur frequently due to the occasional downpour or « squall » followed by the hot sun which quickly returns. Nightlife at St Martin and St Maarten is full of activity; casinos, local music, dining under a tropical evening to bring the perfect end to each day.

Lolo, Grand Case Lolo, Grand Case Langouste/Lobster Langouste/Lobster at Lees BBQ Cocktails at Lotrie Farm treetop restaurant Voile Blanche restaurant St Martin

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